Picture of SOL | cocina + bar 🔆

🔆SŌL | teambuilding in JÁVEA

un día sōleado en Jávea + risas + sueños compartidos — la armonía perfecta para recargar energías durante nuestra reunión de equipazo.

In an environment bathed in the sun and the sea breeze of Jávea, the SOL kitchen+bar team met for a day that transcended the limits of work. It was a day of unification, cohesion and strengthening of team spirit, with the stunning backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea and a night full of charm under the luminous full moon. 🔆 + 🌕 + 💫

  • Inspiring Gastronomy • 🔅+ 🍲

From the first moment, gastronomy became the link that united us. The food was more than delicious, it was the bond that reminded us why we love what we do. Exquisite flavors were combined with laughter and talk, creating an atmosphere conducive to unification.

  • Creative Cocktails • 🔅+ 🍸

Every sip of creative cocktails was a toast to team cohesion, a celebration of our diversity and our individual skills that blend perfectly as ingredients of a unique cocktail.

  • Psychological Games for Unification • 🔅+ 🧩

Psychological games led us to explore new aspects of ourselves and our teammates. These exercises strengthened empathy and mutual understanding, further promoting our cohesion.

  • Personal Connections • 🔅+ 🔗

During this meeting in Jávea, we not only shared food and drink, but also shared personal stories. We got to know each other better and deepened our connections beyond the professional. It was a reminder that we are a family, a united team.

  • Recharging Energies • 🔅+ 🚀

The sun of Jávea and the sea breeze gave us a perfect environment to rest and recharge our batteries. It was a day in which we left stress and routine behind, to embrace relaxation and revitalization.

  • A Future of Unification and Cohesion • 🔅+ 🔜

At the end of the day, we left Jávea with hearts full of gratitude and renewed determination. This meeting in Jávea was not only a culinary and entertainment experience, but an affirmation of our commitment to success and collaboration. Together, we are stronger than ever, ready to face any challenge that comes our way • 🔆💛